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Posted: September 10, 2012 in Germany, Interactions, Uncategorized
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This month saw me joggling between several things. I was rounding up a month-and-a-half long internship at the Deutsche Welle English for Africa department, which by the way I was offered a job afterwards, when this television stuff came up. We met for a meeting and four of us offered to anchor the show called Glocal, Global Reporters, Local Stories. Glocal is produced by us  students in the International Media Studies Master’s degree program at Deutsche Welle Academy and is broadcast at the German western regional channel WDR. Anyways, at the meeting we agreed to host the show in German, I began getting nervous, and each anchor would have to write down his or her individual intros and ques for each piece. That solved, we had to select partners, two males, myself and a friend from Bangladesh and two ladies, a French and a Chinese. To make the selection easier, someone suggested “Height”. It looked like we were getting there. I was asked to compare heights with my French friend and that was it. Paired.

My co-host and I met a few days later and worked on our script, gosh…how  writing in German was much cooler than I feared. I’d worked in German before during my internship adapting stories from German to English and although this was a whole different I enjoyed doing it. I had to create my own words in German. Not bad for a starter I’d say. Anyways, we did it but not quite completely. I had to run to the library to read for the semester exams and my friend had her own appointment. By the way I am still studying for exams and that actually begs the question why am I blogging right now when I am supposed to be studying? No idea. So we met again, finished the job and emailed it to the lecturer for approval.

The script had been edited, with the wording almost entirely changed. At least my ideas stayed. That reminds me, I still have a lot of work to do on my German language. We’d met before for a practical training with the teleprompter but since I had anchored the newscast at ABC SL before, I wasn’t worried much. The entire time I had been thinking about how I was going to anchor it in German just like I did in English. The night before the hosting day, I stayed up for several hours literally planting the words in the script into my head.

As usual, I showed up in the morning at DW all glowed in smile as if nothing intense was happening inside of me. I changed into my suit and didn’t even notice when the producer came around taking photos. It sort of felt really good doing what I always wanted to do in my life. The media, news reporting and anchoring, making documentary films and setting up a new form of public sphere back home are always the issues I come to think of when questions about my career path pop up. These issues light me up and give me a sense of purpose of being in this world. I have tried thinking about different careers but this is what I believe to be my calling and I have set forth for it.

In front of the camera, I felt at first as if I was in a shoe box, i.e. the viewfinder to which I am so used framing people in a shot and for the first time since ABC I was getting framed in that same pattern. I saw myself because we had a TV monitor in our direction. With all the flattering comments of how cool we both looked on screen, no self praises here just recounting, I sort of managed to forget about the shots and concentrated on the content of the script.

After several takes, we pulled it off. We did it.

Glocal will be aired probably before the year ends and I will make sure I blogged it. If you might be wondering why my ending here is abrupt, I probably just thought about going back to reading the academic stuffs.

I do appreciate you time for reading about my work and thoughts and hope to share with you my next blog post.

Have a wonderful time.


  1. Abubakarr Jalloh says:

    ABJ, first of all, CONGRATS on the new job. Wish you all the best. I can’t wait to see your Glocal show soon.

    ONE Love
    You name-sake

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